Equipment and Major Assets

Engine 70-2 – 1990 Seagrave Engine


This unit has a 2,000-g.p.m. fire pump and a 750-gallon water tank. The unit is set up as the primary attack engine to implement rapid fire knockdown and move large quantities of water. This unit has a fully enclosed cab with seating for seven staff. The large pump is capable of providing a large amount of water over long distances without the need to have additional engines.


Rescue 70-3 – 1996 HME/Quality Engine/Rescue


This combination unit has a 1,500-g.p.m. fire pump and a 750-gallon water tank. This unit carries the majority of the rescue equipment and is fully outfitted to function as a primary or secondary attack engine. The closed cab has seating for ten staff. This unit was purchased as a dual function piece of apparatus to replace an engine as needed and to gain required pumping capacity to assist in reducing fire insurance rating costs.


Tanker 70-6 – 2002 Freightliner/American LaFrance Tanker


The unit carries 3,000 gallons of water. The unit has a 500-gallon per minute pump. The tanker has a 10-inch quick dump discharge on the rear of the unit to maximize the capabilities of the unit to supply water. The unit carries one portable dump tank capable of holding 3,000 gallons of water.


Tower 70-7 – 2006 Crimson Aerial Ladder Tower


This unit is 10 years old. This unit is capable of extending 103 feet and can support a maximum of 1000 pound in the tower bucket. The unit has a 2,000-G.P.M. water pump and a 300-gallon water tank. This unit carries 1,000 feet of 5-inch, 200 feet of 2-½ inch leader supply line and 400 feet of 1 ¾ attack lines. A 10 K generator supplies the auxiliary power for lighting and hand tools. Numerous rescue and ventilation tools augment the capabilities of this unit. The unit can carry 6 firefighters safely in an enclosed cab with an array of firefighting tool. The unit is certified annually to meet the NFPA specifications and is fully equipped with an entire complement of ground ladders, lighting and salvage equipment.  The unit is outfitted with piped breathable air and a waterway to the bucket.


Utility 70-8 – 2005 Ford 250 XL Pickup Truck


This is a 4-wheel drive, 4-door diesel unit and is utilized as a firefighter and equipment transportation vehicle, off-road support unit, roadway safety and a variety of other discretionary responses.

Engine 70-1 – 2009 Crimson 5500 4×4 Mini-Pumper


This unit is a multi facet mini-pumper with 500 G.P.M Waterous pump and 300 gallon water tank. The unit carries fire suppression equipment, wild land firefighting equipment, a 4,000 P.S.I. integrated cascade system, a hydraulic rescue system, medical equipment, roadway safety equipment, an 8 KW diesel generator with quartz lighting and NFPA compliant chevron decals for visual safety.


Housing (Large)

Built in 1973, the Company owns the building and property located on Ashcroft Avenue in Cresson along with all interior fixtures and equipment. The Pfeister Building is used to store the devices needed to conduct the week-long major fund raising festival in July and other events. The building is also utilized as a training site for our firefighters to train on various aspects of structural firefighting, rescue and interior/exterior fire ground operations.